Bank Referral Program


Derix is here to help our friends at National and Community Banks

At Derix Capital Finance, we welcome partnering with bankers from all sectors, large and small. Our lending programs are designed to help you and your client get the most out of our nationwide presence. Following the market crash of 2008, the institution of severe regulation on the chartered banking industry vastly constricted the parameters in which banks can approve commercial loans.  Fortunately, there is an abundance of financing options available today through private lending and specialty finance companies to fulfill the financing of those deals “just outside the bank”.  That is where we excel.

There are a LOT of good deals that qualify for even the best interest rates in the market, but might not quite be a fit for the institution.  Customers could be seeking:

  • Non-recourse loans
  • Cash-Out Refinancing
  • 100% financing
  • Increase in Line of Credit
  • Bridge Loans
  • Rapid closing time
  • SBA approval outside of your bank’s underwriting guidelines

Or it could simply be a FICO, Leverage, or Recent Profitability issue that just doesn’t quite get them through final committee

Don’t let your relationship walk out the door and find a competitor, let us help you place them with a specialty lender focused solely on the asset class they are seeking.  Allow Derix Capital to become your partner and protect the relationship you’ve spent years building.  We are always seeking bank relationships as well to send our best qualified deals.  It’s a two-way street here.

If you would like to refer or submit a transaction with us, then contact our office and speak to a financial consultant. We look forward to helping you and your client achieve your goals.