For bankers, meeting the needs and requirements of business clients can be challenging. Since every business is unique, not all solutions fall neatly into existing loan programs. Business owners want access to equipment financing and leasing programs, to improve cash flow, and other options that fall outside of what most banks can offer. Fortunately, there is a way banks can expand their options for business clients to ensure successful relationships and improve portfolio retention.

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Most banks do not offer specific programs for financing or leasing equipment. At the same time, many businesses cannot qualify for the standard loans that would be the closest fit to the financing they need because they are still relatively new, or have credit ratings below the threshold of the bank’s requirements. By partnering with Derix Capital Finance, banks can expand their offerings to business clients who are looking specifically for equipment, but may have reached their allowable lending limits. We provide programs for large equipment to allow businesses to complete orders so they can thrive and grow, when standard loans are not an exact fit.

Improving Cash Flow

Sometimes businesses need to smooth out revenue cycles, and short-term loans cannot adequately correct existing issues. Not every business is in a position to take on additional debt, but client retention is essential to continued success between banks and entrepreneurs. Derix Capital Finance offers accounts receivable financing to help boost cash flow. Banks that partner with us can offer factoring, as well as our other programs for working capital, to clients. Having a wider range of alternatives to offer business clients reduces the stress involved with turndowns while increasing portfolio retention so business owners come to you for solutions that fall outside standard offerings.

Security and Confidentiality

One of the biggest hurdles keeping banks from partnering with private lenders is trust. At Derix, we keep relationships secure and confidential to ensure banks maintain successful relationships with their clients. If at any point one of your clients tries to come to us directly, we will redirect them back to you. Contact Derix Capital Finance to learn more about the expanded options we offer to banks so they can continue to build long-term relationships with their business clients.