For the longest time, business owners have been under the impression that traditional lenders, such as banks, offered the only financing solutions. This myth has been dispelled over the past few years, and more entrepreneurs are realizing the many advantages private lenders offer over traditional lending channels. 

A Personalized Experience 

Traditional lenders, even local banks, are large organizations with an inherent bureaucracy. Even basic business loans can take a long time to pass through the red tape for approval. Private lenders are much more direct and efficient. There are no arbitrary loan board decisions. Funding requests are handled quickly so businesses can access the capital they need. Private lenders also talk directly to their clients. Unlike traditional lenders, there are no cookie-cutter solutions because private lenders understand that every business has unique goals and requirements. A private lender is more likely to create a solution tailored to your needs. Businesses that use private lenders are treated with individual care, and not like “just another number,” which means there is more of a motivation to see your continued success. 

Private Lenders Offer a Wide Range of Solutions 

Traditional lending channels offer debt-based financing and little else. Private lenders offer a wide range of funding solutions, and many don’t even place debt on the balance sheets. Private lenders offer equipment financing and leasing for businesses of all size and spanning all industries. Factoring improves cash flow by quickly turning unpaid invoices into cash. Commercial real estate investors can get financing for renovations and construction. Business owners can find the capital necessary to perform acquisitions and to take advantage of other time-sensitive opportunities. There are many financing solutions that exist outside the realm of debt-based loans, and only private lenders can provide them to businesses. 

The Derix Capital Finance Difference 

Derix Capital Finance offers a wide range of funding solutions to business owners and commercial real estate investors. From startups to large oil and gas companies, from basic property transactions to providing capital and equipment for large construction projects, Derix Capital Finance has you covered. Our team will work with your directly to understand your needs so that we can structure a solution to help you reach your next major milestone. Contact our offices today to learn about the many options we offer to businesses nationwide.