Working Capital Financing

Have Readily Available Access to Cash

Asset-Based Line of Credit Keeps Cash Flowing

With an Asset Based Line of Credit from Derix Capital Finance, you can access up to 90% of the value of your receivables through an interest-only revolving line of credit. Don’t worry about making critical payments trying to juggle your cash on hand waiting to collect 30, 60, or even 90 days of sales revenue. Use your ABL to cover your current costs, and keep your business moving forward.

Eligible Collateral

• Accounts Receivable
• Inventory
• Machinery and Equipment

Line of Credit Size
• $500,000 to $30,000,000

Advance Rates
• 70%-90%

Turn Receivables into Cash Now with Factoring

When financing your receivables, you receive cash from money owed when you create an invoice, and Derix Capital associates assume the task of collecting payment on those accounts. This lets you put that money to work immediately without having to incur new debt. After payment of the full invoice is received, the original advance amount is paid and a small fee is deducted, then you receive the remainder of the invoice balance.  Initial advance rate and fee vary by deal size, industry, creditworthiness of applicant, and counterparties.

Advantages of Financing a Company’s Receivables

• Access your money when you need it
• Outsource A/R collections to streamline your business
• Institutional-grade credit check on your customers

• No loss of equity
• No new debt on your balance sheet
• Easily grow access to cash with business growth

Industries Served






Government Contractors

Industrial Services

Energy / Petrochem Services

IT Consulting



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Let Derix Capital Help Your Business Continue to Cash Flow