Multifamily properties can be a great investment, but they are also a lot of work. Although peak leasing season is still a few months away, it’s never too early to start spring cleaning and getting things ready for new tenants.

Double-Check All Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Safety is your number one priority as a landlord, so ensure that your residents are protected. Check and test all the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, replacing batteries as needed. Some properties require the fire department to come and inspect as well; familiarize yourself with the laws in your county.

Ensure Insulation Is In Good Shape

To save money on energy bills, go through all units and inspect the caulking around windows and doors. Is everything sealed properly? If not, reseal cracks and patch any holes that you find.

Tidy the Landscaping

Curb appeal is no joke when you’re trying to draw in new residents. Trim bushes and overgrown tree limbs, mow the lawns and rake up leaves and yard debris. Wintertime can be tough on a well-manicured yard, but a little TLC can work wonders.

Deep Clean Unrented Spaces

If you’re between tenants right now, take advantage of the empty apartment by hiring a cleaning service to perform a deep clean. Wash carpets, clean baseboards and wipe down walls. If needed, freshen up with paint. Tenants love a clean space to move into, and it feels better knowing that your properties are well-cared-for.

Create and Share Processes

Depending on where you live, the chance of snow and ice is a reality for some people through the springtime. In case of bad weather conditions, have a plan of action and share it with your residents. For example, tell them to avoid staircase B on icy days and take staircase A instead and have things like salt and snow shovels readily available. Be proactive in using them — try and have sidewalks and walkways treated before most residents are awake and walking to their cars for work.

Replace Burnt-Out Bulbs

Proper outdoor lighting is a big deal in multifamily properties since it helps to keep your tenants safe. If you notice that your lighting is poor or has worsened over the year, replace bulbs with super-bright LEDs or even swap out your whole lighting fixture. It’s worth the cost and time if it helps to protect everybody.

When you own a rental property of any kind, it’s not always easy to keep everything updated and in good shape. However, these upgrades are essential for the safety of your current tenants and appeal to new ones.